Is Rebecca Romijn Pregnant?

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So, let's just come out and say it.

Let's just say that the rumor we reported yesterday is true. And let's say that our guess about the “father” of the mystery French 13 year old boy is true.

Now, look at this photo:

The last time I posted it, one of you commented that it looked like Rebecca Romijn had a baby bump. I brushed it off – all of us take bad photos every now and then; somebody can get the right angle and show a skewed view of reality.

But the drip, drip, drip of news concerning Romijn and Alexis has caused me to look again.

I really think it's quite possible that Rebecca Romijn is pregnant.

More (and a poll) after the jump.

Why else would she become “part time?”. Move away (assuming she goes to France)? Why did the photo above appear as if she had a baby bump?

We reported some time ago that Jerry O'Connell and Romjin had plans for a baby. Is this it?

If so, let me be the first to congratulate the beautiful couple!

So, what do you think?