Is Prince Harry ‘Secretly Wooing’ Katy Perry?

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Ginger-lovers rejoice, for today you are vindicated by professional hot lady Katy Perry and her (alleged) (potential) love affair with famous ginger noodle Prince Harry! At least, that's what the British gossip rags are saying.

According to The Daily Star, Prince Harry is trying to get Perry to play the Queen's Diamond Jubilee just so he can hang out with her. “Harry has a double reason for targeting Katy,” says a “source.” “First he thinks she is a rocking artist with great songs. But secondly she is single and very sexy. He sees this as an opportunity to get close to Katy. And he is confident his charm will win her over.” I'm inclined to believe that this quote is real, if only because “rocking artist” sounds like something a dorky British aristocrat would say.

For her part, Katy Perry has publicly joked about her fondness for Harry, nicknaming him “the Ginger Ninja” and calling him “hot,” which in the tabloids' eyes is pretty much tantamount to her stripping her clothes off to reveal an “I <3 Harry” tattoo on both boobs.

Is the the beginning of a hot new celeb relashe? Will Katy Perry introduce Harry Perry to seapunk? Most importantly, will their blue and red hair combine to produce purple haired babies? I'm not sure, but I'd really like to see that.

(Via The Daily Star)