Is Mario Lopez Living Vicariously Through His Dog?

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Remember when Mario Lopez was the coolest cat in town. No one could sit backward on a chair quite like Slater could. Sure he was a misogynist pig, but it was the '90s and the only thing that really mattered was who got to deliver Mrs. Belding's baby in the elevator. Then Saved by the Bell ended and Mario Lopez resurfaced as America' most generic TV host. Forget his macho swagger and his neon sleeveless tanks, he was all boring and all grown-up.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't still yearn for the days of yesteryear. When people looked at him and thought, “wow, Mario Lopez is totally tubular man!” (If I recall correctly, that's how they spoke in the '90s.) In fact, I think we have pretty good proof that he wishes he was still Slater.

Meet Julio César Chávez Lopez, his foul-mouthed Twitter-savvy dog.

While Mario has to tweet things like:

@JulioCCLopez gets to tweet things like this:

It's like he gets to live in the best of both worlds: advertiser-friendly reality TV show host world and 15-year-old teenage boy forever world.

[Photo via Petsugar]