Is Kristin Cavallari Joining the Cast of “The Hills”?

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Kristin Likes the BubblyRemember Kristin Cavallari?  It's been awhile since she did much of anything worth reporting, but apparently the producers of The Hills would like her to join Lauren & Co. on the show.  Lauren is reportedly less than enthused about the prospect of being reunited with her former reality TV nemesis.  And lets not forget that Kristin dated Brody Jenner for a year or so after Laguna Beach ended…

Not surprisingly, according to the same insiders, Lauren is less than thrilled with the idea of Kristin coming onto her show, possibly due to their previous love triangle with Stephen Colletti. But as we've seen from Heidi and Lauren this season, that sort of tension can also make for very good TV. (Sad, but true.)

As for whether Kristin would agree to hit The Hills, we shouldn't forget that when Laguna Beach ended, she said she was leaving reality TV behind in order to focus on her acting career. But with The Hills‘ newfound über-audience and über-presence in the media, I'm thinking this show may be well worth her time.

What do you think?  Should Kristin head back to her MTV roots?  It would add some spice to the show, that's for sure.

Source: E! Online