Jessica Simpson Releases Baby Shower Footage, Somehow STILL Pregnant

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After video from Jessica Simpson‘s baby shower hit the internet today, I think the question on everybody's mind is: at any point is an actual baby gonna come out of all of this? I've done a little math here, and while I'm not to the point yet where I'm suggesting a conspiracy, I'll admit to being highly confused by the timeline.

So let's begin:

If you'll recall, there were photos of her noticeably showing in October 2011…in fact, here's one now:

(Image: www.moviespad.com)

She looks significantly preggers, right? Well I just did a little ‘medical research' on the internet (read: went to Wikipedia), and I've now learned that all women are different, but that most women don't start showing until their second trimester. So…at minimum she's three-ish months pregnant in that picture from October, which was six months ago…and 3 + 6 = 9…and as far as I know, the traditional gestation period for a human female is right around nine months, right? So…donde esta el bebe?

A little more careful research (read: haphazard Googling) has revealed a rumored name — Maxwell, shortened to Maxi — and suggested that her due date was April 20th, a week ago. Babies have certainly been this late (and later) before, but since this is a celebrity with a brand to promote, more than a few outlets are suggesting that Jessica is delaying making the announcement until a slow news week so she isn't overshadowed (by the Brangelina wedding announcement, for example, or Dick Clark‘s death, two items that have dominated the news lately).

We here at Crushable don't know exactly what's going on, but until there's a formal announcement, I guess we'll just keep watching Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Alba cavort with their real, live babies at Jessica's baby shower.

Best wishes for your tenth month of pregnancy, Jessica!

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