Is J-Lo Lying About the Foot Injury?

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Just read this juicy piece of gossip and had to share. I wondered why Jennifer Lopez pulled out of the Project Runway taping on Friday. Sure, we were told it was a foot injury, but then that's kind of a lame excuse if you're going to then do a whole triathalon. In fact, when I first heard this I immediately thought, “oh no, now she won't be able to do the triathalon!”

Imagine my surprise when she not only did the triathalon but then had Marc Anthony's b'day party on the opposite coast! That takes some energy!

Rumors suggest Jennifer was hoping to be cast in a Harvey Weinstein movie but didn't get the part. Since Weinstein produces Project Runway, J-Lo decided to pull out of the show at the last minute. That left no celeb to help judge the finale, so to “get back” at J-Lo Heidi Klum decided not to go to Marc Anthony's b'day party.

Jen's publicist says it's not true. Although I have to say the foot injury thing is the lamest excuse every made, especially in light of the events this weekend.