Is Destiny’s Child going to copy the Spice Girls and reunite?

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destinys-child.pngOh babies. OH NO. There's a rumor going 'round these parts that Destiny's Child is going to get back together, you know, like the Spice Girls. This can only mean ONE THING, my friends – yup, you guessed it! More of Mama Beyonce's “designs!”

Here, take a looksee. First, we've got the whole cavewoman thing going on:


More fantastic Mama Beyonce designs after the jump:

Next, we've got something that reminds me of those safety vests the people wear on the highway:

A salute to our North American sisterhood:

Study in green:

Blue sequined hot pants; a must-have for every girl:

They all just looked pissed in this picture:

And yes, these outfits are too much jelly for me. Too much GRAPE jelly.

We can only hope that Mama Beyonce has graduated beyond running wildly down the aisles of Joanne's Fabrics just grabbing anything that's shiny to something more classy.