Is Demi Moore Dating A Goofy Canadian DJ Named Ricky J?

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Today, in improbable Demi Moore rumors! Radar Online reports that the former Mrs. Kutcher is getting her rebound on with Canadian DJ/producer Ricky J, who, if “sources” are to be believed, is both visually and professionally attracted to the 49-year-old bombshell:

Demi and Ricky have been getting very flirty recently,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com. “Ricky thinks she's really hot, and Demi seems to be loving the attention.”

While I would not put it past Ms. Moore to be secretly sleeping with someone way cheesy (we've all been there, right?) there are a few things that push this rumor into the realm of the clearly false. First, there's no grainy photo of them getting into a car together, only this ridiculous Photoshop:

And there's the assertion that Demi Moore, A-list actress, just can't wait to get into the studio and lay down some sick tracks with him:

“Ricky wants to get her to record a track with him,” the source says. “Demi has actually got a great voice, and it helps that she is super, super hot too!”

Ricky J's music sounds like this:

I rest my case.

(Via Radar Online)