Here’s The Mega Intense New Trailer For Iron Man 3 That Aired During The Superbowl

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It's been a while since we've seen any new previews of Iron Man 3, so fans of the franchise were almost definitely very excited to see a new trailer during the Superbowl last night. Here it is, in case you missed it.

Among the flashy, sexist, and generally attention hogging commercials, this one stood out, not for its goofy sound effects, but for the insane, physics-defying scenario contained therein. In it, we see our old friend, brash but brilliant industrialist Tony Stark, rescuing people from an imminent plane crash. He does this, as all the best superheroes do, by plucking them out of the fucking air as they are hurtling towards the Earth. One particularly brave stewardess is able to get over this impossible scenario quickly enough to help rescue others by reaching out her hand to them. And her friends follow suit! Iron Man saves the day once again! With an unmistakably Robert Downey Jr.-ish swagger, and just a pinch of his customary curmudgeonliness.

The film's Facebook page has an “extended version” of the trailer, although I must warn you that most of the extra footage consists of Robert Downey Jr. taking off his sunglasses.

Will Stark defeat the enemies in this installment? Will he rescue all the people falling out of the plane? Will he do it rakishly, and if so, how rakishly? All will be revealed soon enough; the film comes out in the US this coming May.