Ireland Baldwin Is Determined To Steal Some Of Julianne Hough’s Racist Costume Thunder

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Ireland Baldwin Halloween costume October 2013Halloween comes but once a year, so that's only about a week's worth of opportunities for the young starlets out there to get their name in the news for dressing as something insensitive. And since Julianne Hough got an early start for donning blackface to dress as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black, anyone else who wanted a shot at being remembered for their ignorance was gonna have to move pretty quickly. Enter Ireland Baldwin.

Ireland is the eighteen-year old daughter of noted calm person Alec Baldwin and his ex-wife Kim Basinger, and we're talking about her because she posted a photo of herself wearing a feathered headdress and two stripes of paint on her cheeks, a Halloween costume presumably intended to resemble a Native American. Nobody specific, just a stereotypical chief of some kind, perfect for someone too lazy to put together a full outfit but still hoping for some media coverage for being racially insensitive.

And she got it! Although many people on her Twitter have been supportive of her costume, a lot of others criticized her choice to wear it — enough so that she took the photos down and posted the following on Twitter:

Ireland Baldwin tweetOh hey girl! Hey hey hey there! Welcome to the conversation! Feel free not to tiptoe around or anything, trying not to hurt people's feelings. I'd tell you that the best way to issue a controversial non-apology is to re-insult anyone who you offended in the first place, but it appears you already know that.

Like a true Baldwin, Ireland wasn't content with the drama she stirred up simply by posting the photos, so she's spent the last several days on a Twitter rampage against anyone who voiced an issue with her costume.



You do you, girl, but I hope we've learned enough from Julianne to acknowledge that even if your costume wasn't inherently racist on its own, it's still almost always insensitive and a bad idea to dress up as a caricature of another race. Even (or especially) if it's a cartoon character that's already deep in stereotype land all on its own. Disney isn't really known for their political correctness when it comes to portraying non-white ethnicities, just for future reference.

But just for good measure, why don't you insult a few more of your followers, just to make sure this story gets picked up. If you have a best friend who's Native American or some tenuous connection to an American Indian tribe yourself, now would be a really crucial time to say so.

Ireland Baldwin Twitter rantAyoooo, there it is. You have Cherokee blood yourself, so you can do whatever you want! I had a feeling we could count on you for something like that! Let the games begin!