16 Melodramatic Ireland Baldwin Tweets In Which She Confuses Twitter With An AIM Away Message

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Ireland Baldwin posing for selfie with purple hair March 2014Remember back in high school when no one could understand your feelings and everything was wrong and you didn't know why? The worst. It was a dark time, but the only bright side was that if you wanted to be emo, your only options were LiveJournal posts that would be read by like forty-five people…or AIM away messages.

Not so for Ireland Baldwin, who's currently having her own melodramatic teenage moment on the internet. But unlike myself and my fellow late-eighties babies, Ireland has a ton of social media outlets at her disposal, and when she tweets out the kind of cryptic messages designed to get someone to ask, “hey girl u ok?”…fifty-nine thousand people can read them.

I'm not judging the content, because god knows I was just as theatrical when I was eighteen (the same age as Ireland is now), but some of the things are so angsty as to make us a little nervous. Hopefully she's okay and is somehow just ghost-writing my past away messages from the future, but in case she's not….Ireland, this is us asking — girl, you okay?

God help me if I'd had access to hashtags in my teens.

  I mean, can't argue with this.

Do you…want me to ask what's wrong? Cause I will.

Yes, welcome to adulthood.

Bonus angst-points for the Great Gatsby reference.


Yeah, same. I call them ‘dreams' though.

Gotta refocus your energy on Twitter.

You accidentally forgot to include any details.

Girl, I feel that.

Solid pun.


No! No you're not!

This is some Inception shit.

Is this a song lyric? Needs more song lyrics.

As long as you're aware. But hey — we've all been there.

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