Lucy Hale
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Lucy Hale is no stranger to creepy, scary things — she gets stalked by "A" on Pretty Little Liars, after all — so it's a no duh that Lucy was cast in Scream 4 alongside, like, every other young actress in Hollywood. And Lucy dished to us the differences between filming Scream and PLL, the scariest thing about guys and, oh yeah, that she gets texts from "A" in real life! Read on!

So, we hear you're in the opening scene of the movie. Were you nervous to be in such an iconic scene?
Well, I'm not so sure how you found that out (laughs), but yeah, it's going to be really, really interesting to see peoples' reaction with my part because I feel like I have a very special part in the film. One that will be remembered. It was cool. It was really special.

Photo: Dimension Films
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