Dax Shepard
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When you think of Dax Shepard you don't usually think of a loyal family man raising a son and asking for advice from his siblings. But on Parenthood, he plays that guy. And he is so believable in the role that we almost forget how funny he was in Let's Go to Prison and Baby Mama. So we know about Dax's on-screen family life and we know about his soon-to-be family with When In Rome co-star Kristen Bell, but what about growing up? Did he like being the middle child? Read on to get deets and find out just which celeb he'd love to have a plotline with on the show. (Spoiler alert: we think she might be out of Dax's league. Sorry, dude!)

What is your family like in real life? I have an older brother and a younger sister and we're a very loud, outspoken family so it's pretty similar [to the show].

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