Interview With Kittens Ablaze

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Interview with Kittens Ablaze Kittens Ablaze png

In honor of CMJ week, Big Apple Music Scene got the chance to interview some of the participating bands. Kittens Ablaze are from Brooklyn so they didn’t have to travel far to get here, but they made into CMJ via their Sonicbids account. Their music is invigorating and happy and their album The Monstrous Vanguard came out early this year. They may win the award for playing the most CMJ shows, with shows scheduled tomorrow (Thursday) at Bruar Falls and Cake Shop, will at the Shea Stadium (20 Meadow St. in Brooklyn) day party on Saturday, and are playing The Delancey on Saturday night. Here’s what they had to say for themselves:

Interview with Kittens Ablaze Kittens Ablaze album png

Big Apple Music Scene: Is this your first time participating in CMJ? If so, what are your feelings about it—excited nervous, indifferent? If you’re an old vet, what makes you excited for this year?

Kittens Ablaze: First time ever. First CMJ memory was wiling out in the front row when the Black Lips played Cake Shop [in 2006]. Open cans of Sparks were being thrown around the room. Can’t wait to be on the other side of that kind of excitement!

BAMS: What other bands are you excited to see at CMJ?

KA: Bands from out of town that don’t play here often–like Local Natives and Sleeping in the Aviary, but we’ll still be going out to support all our local friends too!

BAMS: How does being a band based in NYC effect your music—or not?

KA: Constant diversity. The range of stimuli is overwhelming. You can write a song about pretty much any event, emotion, or state of mind under the sun, because they’re all around you. The diversity is reflected in our band too–we come from all over and so does our music.

BAMS: What’s your favorite NYC venue to play at or to see a show at?

KA: Bowery Ballroom, the Market Hotel, Cake Shop and Uncle Paulies. Remember that?

Images via Sonicbids