Interview: Whitney Port On Body Issues And Body Peace

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Body issues are a big problem today – for women and girls alike. Almost everyone has a body part that she's not thrilled about. But Seventeen magazine, through something called The Body Peace Project, is trying to change that, by getting girls to accept their bodies in all shapes and sizes. Yesterday, The City star Whitney Port came to Seventeen's Body Peace Breakfast as a celebrity ambassador, to help  women become more comfortable with their bodies. We caught up with Whitney to talk about her own body issues and how she came to love her butt.

Emily-Ann Rigal (@schmiddlebopper on Twitter), the 16-year old creator of We Stop Hate, introduced Whitney at Seventeen's breakfast, saying she's a “page 28” (Curvy). Whitney is a “page 34” (tall and beautiful).

Because she's blond, tall, beautiful and thin, Whitney may not be the first person you might think of as a spokesperson for body issues. But growing up, her height and size was an issue. She told Crushable:

“I was always more masculine. Taller than all the guys.”

And then there was the issue of developing before everyone else: “I had boobs before other girls.”

But eventually, she learned to love her body.:

“I realized one day that I was comfortable with myself.”

Whitney says that high school is really the hardest time for many women when it comes to body issues, because of all the peer pressure. But she had a harder time of things when she started appearing on television.

“It's hard on television when people talk about your looks. It brings up a lot of insecurities. But most people don't have to deal with that.”

But Whitney has adjusted to her height. Yesterday, she was wearing skyhigh yellow heels paired with a pretty melon colored dress (she definitely towered over me and many of the other women in the room).

Whitney grew up in Los Angeles, and while the “Hollywood aesthetic” was definitely an issue, she says that “body image problems are universal.”

In the spirit of the event, Whitney admitted that she still has issues with her “big boobs.” Many women would kill for that problem, but Whitney works around it. And as she happily states, there are other body parts that she's a big fan of:

“My favorite body part is my butt.”