Interview: ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’s’ Teresa Giudice Is Launching Her Own Cocktail

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Pictured: Teresa Giudice and Hannah Rose Siegel at the Aetrex event

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice, at the opening of the Aetrex store in Englewood, NJ. I thought I would have just one question for her: “Is bitch better?!” but found I had a few more. Teresa actually seemed incredibly down-to-earth in person; she drove herself to the event, parked right outside the store, and walked in without an entourage. Teresa was even prettier in person, and was friendly and eager to talk. After the interview, I decided to try the pizza at her husband, Joe Giudice's, restaurant. There, I met his sister, brother-in-law, and mother, who were all working. His mother was very warm and sweet, and she sat and talked with me for awhile. She said people pronounce her last name “ju-dech,”ju-deh-chay,” or “ju-dice,” and I could use whichever I wanted. Also, the pizza was really good. All in all, my day confirmed my decision to be Team Teresa. Check out our interview below:

Your first cookbook, Skinny Italian, was so complete with all the recipes and personal anecdotes. How is Fabulicious different?

Fabulicious is a family cookbook and it has different recipes, pictures of the whole family, and great desserts.

Do you have any immediate or future business plans that you could share with us?

Yes; I'm coming out with my own adult beverage. It's a Bellini and it's going to be called a “Fabullini.” I've got a raspberry and peach. It's Prosecco wine, peach purée, and raspberry.

I've always related to you, but I have especially so this season, with family issues. Have you gotten a lot of support or criticism this season?

Support. It's really, really hard, you know?

On the show, Kathy gave a vague reason for the demise of her relationship with you. She said you said “family sucks.” Is there more to the story?

Yeah, I never said that. To me, family is always so important. I'm the one who always kept the family together, because family is the most important thing to me. There was a period in our lives, me and Kathy [Wakile], when we didn't speak, you know, when we were younger. So when I got married to my husband, and had children, I made it a point to make sure to hang out with Kathy. Me and Kathy were like sisters. And then it was weird; her husband always kept cracking on me and that gets old after a while. It's okay in the beginning, okay, fine, you're funny, but then after a while, it gets really old.

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