Interview: Lawrence, The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s New RuPaul

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta has spawned more than a few reality stars. And in the wake of Kim Zolciak‘s popular song “Tardy For The Party,” cast member Kandi Burruss is trying to jump start another singer's career. This time, its Lawrence Washington, a gay African American man who appears on the show as Sheree‘s hairdresser.  But Lawrence can also sing. And he wants to be the next Adam Lambert.

This Sunday on Bravo, Lawrence is unveiling his pipes and musical ambitions. We caught up with him to chat about his singing career (and of course, his issues with co-star Dwight). Kandi describes Lawrence as “RuPaul For The Next Generation.” And if this performance video we have after the jump of his single “Closet Freak” is any indication, he has big plans for a fierce stage show…

Can you describe your singing persona for us?
Lawrence Washington: “I am like two diff people, probably trhree. At work, I’m very black slacks, nice shirt. When I’m out and about, I pull the puffs out and the handbags. But when I perform, I go into my costuming. My look is androgynous. It's very out there, no hold backs. But still sexy, I would say… I think I’m sexy.”

Are you and Dwight in a fight to be the show's honorary gay Housewife?
“He has no relevance to me. I don’t really care for him as a person. He tried to get something started between me and Sheree. But me and Sheree are extremely close. I really can't be bothered with stuff like that. Until you rub me the wrong way, and I will go out of my way to make sure you know that I don’t like you.”

Your first performance looks pretty crazed. Is the world ready for “Closet Freak”?
“‘Closet Freak' is kind of edgy. I kind of compare it to Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert, something like that. I think its time for an openly gay African American artist. We as a people are in a different place than we’ve been in years. I definitely think the market is open for someone like myself. I’m ready to let them have it.”