Crushable 25: Jake Hurwitz (And Amir Blumenfeld) From ‘Jake And Amir’

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Crushable 25  Jake Hurwitz  And Amir Blumenfeld  From  Jake And Amir  IMG 1977 1 490x480 jpgI recently dropped by the College Humor offices to interview Jake Hurwitz about being named to Crushable’s 25 Crushable Guys 25 And Under list. Unfortunately, the other half of his popular web series Jake and Amir decided to join in. Well, you’ll see how that worked out.

Crushable: So, how old are you?

JAKE: 25
AMIR: 24
JAKE: You’re 28 and I don’t know why you’re here.

And what is it that you do for College Humor?

JAKE: I’m a writer, an actor and an editor of the series Jake and Amir.
AMIR: You’re a prick.
JAKE: Sorry, he’s mad at me for something earlier.
AMIR: He wouldn’t do an interview for my blog, chicaqueenvixenstyle.tumblr.com
JAKE: Enough.
LTG: Tell me more about Jake and Amir.
JAKE: Jake and Amir is a web series…
AMIR: What?
JAKE: … a web series that takes place in the College Humor offices…
AMIR: About 2 best friends.
JAKE: About 2 coworkers.
AMIR: Who get along famously.
JAKE: Who hate each other.
AMIR: Thick as thieves they are.
JAKE: Stop.

And how did Jake and Amir get started?

JAKE: It started because Amir and I got seated across from each other.
AMIR: Fate.
JAKE: Amir, you begged our boss. You begged our boss to sit there. Anyway, we started joking around in these “characters” and then one day we decided to film it. And the rest is history which I’ll continue telling you now.

And what about JakeAndAmir.com?

JAKE: Amir emailed me and said we should buy the domain AmirAndJake.com. I told him I would only do it if it was JakeAndAmir.com.
LTG: Before Jake And Amir, did you want to get into acting?
JAKE: I never really thought about being an actor. I wanted to be a comedy writer – a sitcom writer. I feel like I spent a year or two feeling really uncomfortable on camera, now I love it.
AMIR: And I love you.
JAKE: You know you really can go home. It’s after work you don’t have to be here.
AMIR: Joke’s on you. I don’t work.

So okay let’s talk about why we’re here. How would you define the word “crushable”?

JAKE: In terms of a guy or a girl? In a dude I feel like I’d want someone taller than me, they’d have to have broad shoulders, nice teeth.
AMIR: Check. Check and Check Plus.
JAKE: You’re actually none of those things. We’re the same height and your body looks like a triangle.

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