Interview: Broadway Star And ‘Victorious’ Mean Girl Elizabeth Gillies Couldn’t Handle Bieber Fans

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Speaking of the upfronts, Nickelodeon announced that they’re bringing back the ‘90s shows. What are your thoughts on that?

I have never been more excited about anything in my entire life. I’m not even kidding, I was more excited about that than when I heard I got this job. I’ve wanted them for so long. You know, Disney plays [reruns] til 3 a.m., so why doesn’t Nickelodeon? They play informercials after a little bit. I’m so excited to get to watch Kenan & Kel and all the shows I grew up with, til all hours of the night. Any kids from the ‘90s are gonna love watching Clarissa Explains It All

You were born in 1993, so you really were growing up as these shows were ending their runs.

Yeah. The Amanda Show, though, and All That, Kenan & Kel—I was right in there for them. But like, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and weird shows like Rocko’s Modern Life… Such a tripfest.

I do remember that once I saw these shows for the second time, I finally caught on to all the adult humor.

Oh, it’s unbelievable. The references are off the hook.

In terms of the second season of Victorious, are there going to be more standalone episodes or multi-plot episodes? And I hear there’s gonna be twice as much music?

Twice as much music. Amazing guest stars. I think everyone’s gonna go crazy over one of them. It was amazing to work with… that person. [laughs] I can’t use an article! We filmed a two-parter, which we had to do in a very different location.

Do you think that Jade is going to have more plot or character development? Will she be nicer?

She just gets crazier. [laughs] She has moments where she’s vulnerable and sweet. Everyone’s gotten closer; the cast, but even the characters, as well. Tori’s well into the school now, so we’re all friends. We have these ways we behave with each other. [Tori and Jade] are friends one minute, then they’re not friends the next. It’s the way it is, but they still help each other if they need help. It’s high school.

You mentioned before that you were a vegan, but you come from an Italian family.

Oh my God. It’s torture! I got off the plane and I was starving… I was super-excited to eat, but I had nothing to eat there; no one’s making me steamed broccoli. But my Italian grandmother and great-grandmother weren’t having any of it; they have their traditional Italian meal, and I had to watch this gorgeous food be consumed by my family. Lasagna, meatballs, and I’m just sitting there. I’m pretty fresh into it; I’m maybe eight months into it.

Did you start as part of your career?

No, it’s totally a health thing. I had to do it for my stomach because I’m allergic to so many foods.

What kinds of foods?

Everything from bread to kiwi. I got this test done, and the weirdest things came up. I’m like, “OK, that’s fine, I’ll cut out bread”—which will be the hardest thing—“oh, but I also have to cut out sesame seeds!” So that’s a lot of fun to cut down food. It’s been a challenge.

I don’t know if you heard, but Justin Bieber got locked in his hotel room in Liverpool on March 11, because there were 500 fans congregating outside. And the police wouldn’t let him go outside because he would incite a riot. What are your thoughts on that uber-stardom, where the people obsess over people your age, these young actors?

That’s so scary, I hadn’t heard… It’s great, but I wouldn’t be able to do it. I can deal with it—I will deal with it if I ever have to—but I’m not good with that. I’ll meet kids and I’ll sign autographs, and I love hearing how much they love the show. But when you’re bombarded and it gets physical, it’s just not cool. I feel bad for him, because he’s really young, and to not be able to chill in London… I mean, he can’t, because he is who he is, but a riot? That’s unbelievable. I would hate the feeling of being trapped; that would freak me out. So props to him. I think he’s a good kid, and that he’s dealing with all of this is very admirable.

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