17 Celebrities Who Got Shamed For Being in Interracial Relationships

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We may live in the year 2017, but considering all the controversies we've seen surrounding interracial relationships, it feels like we're still living in the '60s.

There's no denying that interracial dating has become less of a social taboo – but the little progress that we've made is not exactly something worth celebrating. Yes, it's true that people are now free legally to be in relationships with whomever they choose, but at some point, they're bound to face some degree of cultural anxiety or backlash (even if it's from their own family). While many would be surprised that thousands of people would get outraged over a simple clothing ad that features an interracial couple, or why fans believe that it’s okay to bombard celebrities with racist slurs and death threats (yes, death threats) for choosing to be with someone of a different race, the sad reality is that racism and prejudice are still thriving to this day.

What some people still somehow don’t seem to understand is that who someone chooses to be with is their personal choice and frankly, none of your damn business.

See Ashley Graham, Serena Williams, and more stars who have faced criticism for being in interracial relationships: