16 Inspiring Movies Based on Real-Life Women

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When Hollywood goes looking for a captivating story to tell, they need not look any further than real women. From inspiring tales about how a single mom became a household name for her cleaning products to a story of three mathematicians who changed the course of NASA forever, the stories of fearless women are everywhere. And something about the phrase “inspired by a true story” adds a whole new level of intrigue to a film.

Some biographical movies are meant to make us think, while others make us feel things we never knew were waiting to surface. But, no matter which category these 16 films fall into, they all motivate, inspire and stick with us long after the credits start rolling.

1. Freedom Writers

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Fresh out of grad school, real-life rookie teacher Erin Gruwell was tasked with “educating” a class of at-risk teenagers deemed to be incapable learners. But because of her nurturing spirit, she desired to help the students defy the odds they were given. She encouraged the class to keep journals of their daily experiences to improve their writing skills and found a way to make learning fun for them again, helping them all graduate and many became the first in their family to go to college.