Infamous With Taryn Southern: Celebrity Butts

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For three straight years, it was the #1 most watched YouTube comedy video in Taiwan, only to be surpassed this summer by Gangnam Style. It received more than 60 million views (and counting) on YouTube, was dubbed into more than 30 languages by fans, and increased google searches for “Scott Baio” by more than 300%.

The video in question, my friends, is Wrong Hole, starring my now good friend DJ Lubel, yours truly, and a special guest appearance by the one and only Scott Baio. At the time, I was no stranger to the world of funny viral videos. In 2007, I released a video called Hott 4 Hill, in which I was sang about my love for Hillary Clinton during her campaign for presidency. The video garnered all sorts of ridiculous attention from news organizations and political pundits; I was amused.

But Wrong Hole was different. Blatantly sexual, there was no innuendo here – I would be singing about how a guy (played by songwriter/creator DJ Lubel) “stuck it” in my wrong hole.

And…people loved it. The song went viral within a few weeks, and just continued to get bigger and bigger. Even now, I would say more people recognize me from “Wrong Hole” than from any of my TV roles or other online videos. In Hong Kong last year on vacation, more than a handful of locals excitedly pulled up the video on their phones to verify whether or not I was really the girl.

It was bewildering. How could such an unacceptable topic of conversation become so well known, and beloved, by so many people?

Truthfully, I still have no freaking idea. There’s a fine line between shock value and comedy, and in Wrong Hole, DJ Lubel got it just right. In my weekly video series for Crushable, I explore celebrities and their infamy as it relates to the scandalous themes in my music videos. Given that this last week I released Wrong Hole: The Untold Story, my theme this week was clear – what celebrities had the most infamous wrong holes?

Guess what? Celebrities don’t talk about their wrong holes. And neither do we, talk about theirs. Like, ever. And so, I had to broaden the spectrum a bit to include the entire backside. Most infamous celebrities’ asses – and you might be surprised over a few of my faves.


If you’re new to this column, welcome! Each week, for 8 weeks, I’m counting down my list of favorite celebrities in all sorts of weird categories to celebrate of the release of my comedy album, On My Face.  If you want to see the inspiration behind this week’s column, click here.  For all the behind the scenes/bloopers action, click here, and for more Infamous episodes, click here.


Taryn Southern is an actress, writer, and web star with more than 100 million views on her online videos. She just released her debut comedy album, On My Face, and will be releasing a series of music videos on her channel, which corresponds with the themes of her column on Crushable. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook; she accepts gifts.