17 of the Most Inappropriate TV Relationships of All Time

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There are so many adorable TV couples that we can't help but ship. But, there are also some TV couples that are super weird! And not like ~quirky~ weird, more like “WTF is going on here?!” weird. You know the ones — often they're student and teacher, family members, or just totally mismatched in terms of power dynamics. It just gets a little hard to root for a couple when the entirety of their relationship is rooted in straight-up ickiness!

Full disclosure: some of the couples on this list are ones fans fully love. But we can't get over how inappropriate their courtships really are. Sorry to burst your TV-fantasy bubble! It's just hard to deny that TV romanticizes some wacky ideas when it comes to love. Here are some of the least acceptable TV couples of all time that still kinda creep us out!