In Defense Of The Dumb Hottie: Keanu Reeves And Taylor Kitsch

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Keanu in Point Break with the late Patrick Swayze.

Today the quintessential dumb, hot guy, Keanu Reeves turns 48 years old. It's hard to believe that Reeves has been in the business for over 30 years at this point, and that, despite his efforts to play the occasional “smart” role, it always falls flat. Always.

Did you see Point Break? Yes, he tried to pull off the serious and tough FBI agent Johnny Utah, but for starters, his name was Johnny Utah. He didn't have a chance to be taken seriously even if that was the plan when the film first came out in 1991. Watch it now and you will laugh your ass off.

Perhaps we can blame Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure for forever typecasting him as cute, lovable, hot, but dumb as shit, or maybe that's how he is in real life, too? Even in interviews you can't help but cock your head to the side and wonder to yourself exactly what is going on inside Keanu's brain — anything at all? Maybe astronomical math problems, or just the emptiness that coincides with the sound of crickets?

Enter: Taylor Kitsch.

Kitsch seems to be this generation's Keanu, don't you think? He's extremely easy on the eyes, but he usually comes off as a bit on the dumb side. Although, he has done other roles since that of Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights, similar to Keanu, he's practically type-casted to play that role forever: the hot guy who dropped out of college and opened an auto-body shop with his brother called “Riggins' Rigs.” From that moment on, he was doomed. Who's going to hire him to play a serious role, and even if a studio tried to throw him a bone, audiences would probably have the same reaction of “WTF?” just as they did every time Keanu tried to play smart and authoritative. Remember the movie Speed, anyone?

The fact is, not everyone has to be a rocket scientist, because we have enough of those already. Just like not everyone has to be drop-dead gorgeous, because if they were, the modeling industry would be so overrun that it would cease to exist. While Keanu and Taylor may be pigeonholed as idiots who great looks (Did they just have his character use a word longer than three syllables?), the truth is we have no idea what their I.Q. might happen to be  — and maybe that's because they don't know what I.Q. stands for or maybe they just don't care.

Let's be honest, the world needs beautiful people and if they're not the brightest bulbs out there it's OK. If society has taught us anything, it's that looks are everything. It totally trumps brains.


Photo: Point Break – 20th Century Fox

Photo: Kitsch – PNP/WENN.com