In A Surprise Upset, Brad Pitt Voted Hotter Vampire Than Robert Pattinson

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I know, you never see these things coming until they blindside you like a truck that's about to hit before your vampire boyfriend jumps in front of it. But yes, according to a readers' poll on WENN.com, Brad Pitt‘s turn as the bloodsucker Louis in Interview With the Vampire made more ladies cream their jeans than Robert Pattinson‘s Edward Cullen from Twilight. WHAT! Who stuffed the ballot for this thing, 4Chan?? 50 year old women? (That would explain how Gary Oldman got on the list for that horrible Dracula remake.)

Even more evidence that the results were rigged: Kiefer Sutherland took 3rd place for his role in Lost Boys, when clearly Jason Patric was the sexiest vampire in that movie. We demand a recount!