You Can Help Fund Improv Everywhere’s Documentary (Which Features Aubrey Plaza And Nick Kroll)

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You may not recognize Improv Everywhere by name, but you know their pranks: They're the guys responsible for that great video of Darth Vader interrogating Princess Leia on the New York subway, the surprise wedding reception for a random pair of newlyweds, or the annual No Pants Subway Ride. The NYC-based group is now releasing a documentary about the over 100 missions they've pulled off in the last ten years.

And just as with their flash mobs and other undertakings, they need your help to make this happen. Director Matt Adams has set up a Kickstarter to get the doc made; though post-production costs have already been donated, they're going to need $125,000 by the end of January to get this film out to festivals by March 2013 as planned.

Backers get anything from a digital copy of the film to IE T-shirts to hours of footage with the doc's celebrity participants. Did we mention that famous faces like Nick Kroll and Aubrey Plaza have participated in past pranks? These normally unflappable stars have found themselves terrified when freezing in place or joining a flash mob.

Here's the teaser trailer, with commentary from everyone involved in the process, including founder Charlie Todd:

As one of the people in the video says, “You can be just a part of the background one second, and then boom! You're a part of this happening.”