Meet Imagine Dragons: The Rock Band That’s Going To Be Coming To A City Near You

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I had my doubts about connecting Spotify to Facebook. And for no good reason, really. Now that I can creep on my friends’ music choices in addition their to pictures and status update overshares, I’ve discovered some really great new artists. My favorite of all those bands? Imagine Dragons.

About a month ago, Imagine Dragons’ Continued Silence EP starting popping up all over my newsfeed. And right around the time I finally listened to it, I got an offer to interview them. And then I got worried that I would sound like a crazy fangirl during the interview. Because in a matter of days, I had become obsessed with Imagine Dragons. I love them.

Imagine Dragons fuses the drama and showmanship of Vegas with raw, honest energy. The Las Vegas-based band consists of Dan Reynolds (vocals), D. Wayne Sermon (Guitar), Daniel “Z” Platzman (Drums), and Ben McKee (Bass). They boast a big, beat-driven rock sound, with strong melodies. It’s addictive. Each song from Continued Silence has a way of working its way into your head, and staying there for good.

Check out our interview with Dan Reynolds, vocalist of Imagine Dragons, below.

Crushable: Could you give me a brief history of the band?

Dan Reynolds: I met Wayne, the guitarist, through a mutual friend. And we just really hit it off, and had similar interests in music. We moved to Vegas to start a band, and he called his two buddies that he went to Berklee with in Boston, he had just graduated, and invited them to join the band. One of which had a semester left to graduate, and dropped out to join the band – that’s Ben, the bass player. And we just started playing in Vegas, and playing as many shows as possible, and the rest is history.

Tell me a little bit about the Las Vegas music scene. My idea of Vegas basically consists of the Strip, but I’m sure that can’t be all there is to it.

It actually is great. It was really good for us especially, because in the beginning stages, to make ends meet we played a lot of casino gigs. Sometimes we had to play covers along with our originals in order to make casinos happy, and I think that was good for us. Because when you’re playing in casinos, you really have to demand the attention of the people, because they’re on the slot machines and things like that. So I think it was good for the band to learn to really stick out in that place. Vegas is so full of energy and light and entertainment that you really have to push yourself to stand out. And the arts scene is really up and coming there, there’s a great arts scene.

I have to ask about the name Imagine Dragons, because I really like it. So, will you tell me how you came up with the name or is that a secret?

It’s actually an anagram, so the letters are switched around. The anagram that Imagine Dragons comes from is a phrase that we originally had, that we didn’t want to call the band. But it was a phrase that all of us felt that we agreed upon, so we switched the letters around and came up with Imagine Dragons. I’m sure your next question is about what the anagram is, and that we’ve kept between us. We haven’t even told our manager. I’m sure there will come a day when we’ll release it, but for now fans are always guessing a million different things.

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