If You Want To Get Financing For Your Film Then Maybe You Shouldn’t Consider Blake Lively For The Lead

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Just last week director Steven Soderbergh announced the cast for his upcoming psychological thriller, Side Effects. The stars were to include Jude Law, Channing Tatum and as the female lead, Blake Lively, who was to play a “troubled young woman who develops a dangerous love triangle between her doctor and her newly paroled husband.” However, Annapurna pictures has evidently backed out of the project and it seems to be because of Lively.

Although there doesn't appear to be an exact reason as to why it was thought that Lively wasn't a good choice, many have been left wondering. Perhaps it's her lack of experience in being a leading lady or maybe it's hard to imagine the Gossip Girl actress playing such a tough role. Either way, Annapurna has stepped back for the meantime and discussions are now in place to find a replacement. As of now the April start date to film in New York City is still on and possible actresses for the role that are being considered are Rooney Mara and Michelle Williams who, unlike Lively, have already proven their leading lady success with both Oscar nominations and box office earnings.

Soderbergh has yet to say whether or not Lively will be cut completely or if she'll be shifted to a supporting role instead. Before Annapurna stepped in to provide financing, both Summit and Paramount were interested but they, too, were iffy on who would be able to produce a lead female character that would make their investment worth it.

The real question here is how any producer would be willing to back Tatum, but not Lively. Another question is where did Tatum come from exactly and why does he keep getting roles? My couch is a better actor than that guy.