If You Look Like Mila Kunis, You Can Pretty Much Expect To Be Stalked

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I'm the first to admit that Mila Kunis is gorgeous. She's so damn lovely, that if I was told I needed to stalk someone, she'd probably one of my first choices, along with Ryan Gosling, of course — oh, and Justin Timberlake, Jon Hamm and — OK, there's a decent size list there.

Kunis' fan, or rather stalker, Stuart Lynn Dunn‘s obsession with the Black Swan and That 70's Show actress has gotten so out of hand that he's already been arrested twice this year for trying to contact Kunis. First his attempts started small, then Dunn was discovered living in a condo owned by the star. Apparently she hadn't been there for months, so Dunn thought why not cozy all up in here? At the time, a judge ordered him to stay away from the actress and anything pertaining to her life, but he made yet another attempt to contact the actress just a few weeks ago outside her gym — three days in a row he waited for her in the parking lot. Hey, at least we can say the guy has perseverance.

But despite a restraining order, the multiple arrests and probably being deemed a whack-job by both friends and family, Dunn has officially violated that restraining order with his most recent antics and found himself in court on Friday afternoon where proceedings on the matter have begun.

Dunn faces one count each of stalking and stalking in violation of a restraining order. Bail was set at $150,000, and should he end being convicted, he's looking at a maximum of four years in prison. Well then. Looks like Dunn may think twice about stalking an actress when the gets out of the slammer. If he wanted her attention so badly, he should have painted her a picture or sent her flowers. Taking up residence in someone's vacant home is really not anyway to go about wooing someone.