If You Liked the ‘Lost’ Finale, You’ll Love ‘7 Minutes In Heaven’

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J.J. Abram‘s production company Bad Robot is producing a movie called 7 Minutes In Heaven, and it will be directed by Stephen Bender, who directed that last episode of Lost. Which is fine. Maybe people like their movies with giant plot-holes and more religious analogies than a C. S. Lewis book. But here's what we don't get:
“Bad Robot is looking for a writer to tackle the idea.”
Are you kidding me? This is a movie about kids who go into a closet (Narnia!) to make out, and when they come out, all their friends are dead. That script practically writes itself, especially with Jack and the helm. Here, we'll do it for you:
Kid 1: What happened?
Kid 2: I think it was the rapture?
Smoke Monster: *Kills everyone*
Everyone: We're in heaven.

Mr. Abrams, I will be awaiting my check now.