If We All Boycott Jack And Jill Maybe Adam Sandler Will Stop Making So Many Crappy Movies

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Adam Sandler

For the love of all things Jim Carrey, somebody stop him. It might feel like Adam Sandler bangs out a new movie every single year, but that’s only because he does. Or in the case of 2011, he’s giving us two. You may have forgotten about February’s Just Go With It, but I’m certain movie studios haven’t. Especially since it grossed over $100 million domestically. In case you were wondering, the film mustered a modest 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Speaking of Rot Toms, we ought not forget Bucky Larson – written by Adam — scores an astonishing 0% on the review aggregator. And Adam's newest flick, Jack And Jill, in which our man dresses up as his own twin sister, will undoubtedly make it three cinematic gems for him in 2011.

What can we learn from all of this? American moviegoers do not care what critics have to say about a movie as long as it stars Adam Sandler.

Remove the Sandman, and they are exponentially less willing to tolerate 90 minutes of lazy crap. At this point, almost nothing feels quite so cold and calculated as the output machine that is Adam's Happy Madison Productions.

Sure, comedy is ultimately very subjective. And I certainly don’t write screenplays on a yearly basis. But, when earning $20 million per movie — and lord knows how many back-end points — Adam Sandler does not seem to be doing it for the love of the craft anymore. Not that his movies have ever been particularly critically acclaimed. But in Billy Madison there was a mischievous spark in his eye that made him so appealing. That spark of fun is nowhere to be found in the dreadful trailers for this weekend’s Jack and Jill. [tagbox tag= “adam-sandler”]

Adam Sandler is funny. A movie, whose premise hinges on you finding Adam Sandler in drag hilarious, is not. Maybe if we all just keep doing what we’ve been doing and not go see movies, Jack and Jill can be a lesson to Sandler & Co. A flop might mean he can’t buy all of his costars Maseratis in his next movie, but it also might mean he puts a little more effort into the final product.

In case you’re still on the fence about seeing Jack and Jill this weekend, here are six movies featuring men dressed up as women for comedic effect that you should watch instead.

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