Hilarious: ‘If Movie Posters Told The Truth,’ Oscars Edition

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"If Movie Posters Told the Truth" - The Ides of March

Every awards season, this joke never fails: Photoshopped versions of nominated movie posters, if they were actually honest about the intentions behind making each movie. From Leonardo DiCaprio trolling for an Oscar to why David Fincher really remade Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to summarizing our love for The Help, these are your best bet — better than watching the actual movies — come Oscar night when you want to put your bets in on the Best Actor, Best Screenplay, and Best Picture winners.

"If Movie Posters Told the Truth" - The Tree of Life

Thank you! This completely sums up my reactions to Terrence Malick‘s wildly-anticipated The Tree of Life. There were just way too many things going on. If they'd stuck to the plotline where Brad Pitt is a quiet, scarily abusive father in Texas, I think more people would've related to it.

"If Movie Posters Told the Truth" - J. Edgar

Aww, poor Leo, but so true. First he's on of the only Inception folks not to get invited to participate in The Dark Knight Rises, and now he doesn't even get a nomination.

"If Movie Posters Told the Truth" - A Dangerous Method