If Movie Posters Could Stop Going Overboard With Photoshop On Melissa McCarthy, That Would Be Great

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Seeing some of our favorite celebs, like Melissa McCarthy, badly Photoshopped isn't anything new but it's still kind of offensive just the same.  The most insulting part of it, in my opinion, isn't even that it's basically like saying “you're too fat/thin/pale/tan/short so we need to fix you.”  No, the worst part for me is that it insults the intelligence of fans and moviegoers.  I mean, HELLOOOO, we know what our favorite actors and actresses really look like!  Who do these movie studio graphic artists think they're fooling?  Jeez.

For example, here is how Melissa looks to the regular, unsuspecting eye when she shows up to a red carpet event:

Melissa McCarthy attending CinemaCon April 2013


Okay. Normal, right?  Pretty eyes, adorable dimples, etc.  Now look at how she appears on the U.K. poster for The Heat, her new movie with Sandra Bullock:

Melissa McCarthy Photoshop The Heat Poster June 2013

Ummm…. ?????????  What's wrong with her face?  It looks like they not only completely altered it but they slapped a layer of Clorox bleach on it for good measure.  And why are her eyes brown?  I haven't seen the movie, of course, so maybe her character wears brown contacts or something.  Doubtful, though.  So why would you screw with those lovely baby blues and those dimples?  Fortunately for them, this doesn't have any effect on whether I want to see this movie or not because I love Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

Unfortunately this isn't the first time Melissa McCarthy has been a victim of Photoshop.  This poster for Bridesmaids is just a tad touched up:

Melissa McCarthy Photoshop Bridesmaids Poster 2011

We love her the way she is.  She loves the way she is.  ENOUGH WITH THE PHOTOSHOP STUFF, okay?  She's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in,  so I would lay off the ‘Shop.  Unless you want to re-touch photos of me where my head is on Halle Berry's body (pregnant or not, really) or go back to Photoshop 101, just stop it already.

(Lead Photo: WENN)