If I Didn’t Know Any Better, I Would Say That There Is No Season 6 Of Medium

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If I Didn t Know Any Better  I Would Say That There Is No Season 6 of Medium Patricia Arquette20090803 ryn o05 095 jpgWe’re basically all in agreement that moving over to CBS is going to be a great move for Medium. It’s on with shows that make sense, it’s starting at a normal time of year, and CBS seems to be actually interested in promoting it. However, I’ve noticed something kind of funny: even though the sixth season of Medium premieres in less than a month, we have yet to see any new footage of it.

CBS has been promoting the show all summer, and I could totally understand that they wanted new viewers to become familiar with what has already happened before delving into season 6. However, CBS aired its Fall Preview the other night, which featured Medium (and is available On Demand from most cable services), but didn’t show a single frame from the new season. We couldn’t even get new footage in the Ghost Whisperer/Medium promo that CBS also just started airing.

I’ll admit that I’m kind of baffled on this one. I would think that they’d want to show people at least something from the new season that we’re supposed to be tuning in for, but apparently CBS disagrees. What do you think the motive is? Will we have to wait until September 25 before we see anything new?

Patricia Arquette/Image: Zuma Press