If Dwight Schrute Gets His Own Show Will It Be The Kiss Of Death For Him?

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If Dwight Schrute Gets His Own Show Will It Be The Kiss Of Death For Him  Dwight Schrute jpegEven though the future of The Office is uncertain now that Michael Scott has taken his leave and run off to Colorado with Holly, NBC is still betting on the remaining characters being able to hold the show together. Their faith in one character, in particular, is so strong they’re even in the process of developing a spin-off for him. Do you want to wager a bet as to which Dunder Mifflin employee just might have the necessary charisma to carry their own show?

Dwight K. Schrute.

According to Deadline.com, NBC is in the process of building an entire show around Rainn Wilson‘s ridiculously absurd character, Dwight. If the show is a definite go, it would be slowly introduced in the later episodes of this year with the launch being sometime in early 2013. It would also center around Dwight’s beet farm, and bed and breakfast that has been mentioned several times on The Office.

This isn’t he first time that NBC has tried to make a go of it with a spin-off. When Friends came to an end in 2004, Joey was supposed to fill the void that fans were bound to be lacking, but it fell short. Although Matt LeBlanc was as charming (and dumb) as ever in the role he made famous, Joey couldn’t pull its weight against shows like American Idol and it was canceled after two seasons. Frasier, on the other hand, which was a spin-off from Cheers, went well beyond two seasons and exceeded everyone’s expectations by lasting 11 seasons — the same amount of seasons as Cheers.

Dwight may be the star of The Office now that Michael has left, but exactly how many seasons fans will be willing to tune into a sitcom about beets and a weirdo with an Amish brother named Mose is anyone’s guess. There’s also the fact that Dwight without Jim Halpert is like peanut butter without jelly — it sticks to the roof of your mouth, but not in a good way.