Watch Idina Menzel Sing ‘Let It Go’ At The Oscars, Then Rejoice That It Won Best Song

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Watch Idina Menzel Sing  Let It Go  At The Oscars  Then Rejoice That It Won Best Song Elsa Oscar gif


We all love “Let it Go,” right? It’s the one thing that unites us all at this point in history, other than thinking Lupita Nyong’o and Pharrell dancing to “Happy” is the most adorable thing to happen in recent memory. Even if you haven’t seen Frozen, you’ve probably sung “The cold never bothered me anyway” to give yourself strength before braving the blistery winter weather. So obviously we were all waiting with bated breath for Idina Menzel to perform the song at the 2014 Oscars. Those covers and mashups and parodies are great, but nothing compares to Elsa herself belting it out.

Obviously Idina was great. There’s this little thing called Broadway that she’s quite familiar with, so she can really hit a live performance out of the park. Sure John Travolta thought her name was “Adele Dazeem,” or something similarly incorrect, but she overcame it. And boy oh boy, nothing makes me want to prove everyone wrong more than listening to Idina Menzel sing “Let it Go.” What exactly I’m proving everyone wrong about I’m not so sure. Maybe people have been underestimating my ability to put cheese on crackers. Well look at me now! Putting cheese on crackers like it’s going out of style. Let it goooo!

But enough about my food mashup abilities. It’s time to watch Idina’s performance. And then rejoice in the fact that after Idina sang it, the song won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Take that, Bono! Elsa just tore off her glove and it floated on the wind right into your face! Plus, the songwriter Robert Lopez EGOTed! Woohoo!