I Love Money: Episode 1 Extras

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Minutes after I said to watch for them, VH1 makes the Extras for I Love Money Episode 1 available.

Catch all the crazy, before, during, and after, the premiere episode of VH1's newest reality series. See Midget Mac, and all his glory, as the hammer comes down.

C.J. Offers Some After-Show Insights

All videos and images © 2008 VH1.

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Midget Mac Delivers the Trash Talk

What to Do with Quarter Million Cool Dollars…

Boston's Bed, Again

Boston Bed Bugs

Boston thinks he needs to be in a sandwich, but seems to give a little more than expected. Oh, that little itch.

The F-First Night

What's with the bleep? They bleeped something, just a minute after someone used the f-word.

Love it or hate it, we'll see what happens on I Love Money.