I Don’t Get Why Kim Kardashian Gets Invited To Fancy Celebrity Parties

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I Don t Get Why Kim Kardashian Gets Invited To Fancy Celebrity Parties Kim Kardashian amfAR Gala jpgWhile you spent the week explaining to your friends that Phillip Phillips is indeed a real name, real celebrities partied it up with each other at the Cannes film festival. Everyone who ever sexed up anybody made an appearance, including the recently sued ‘n shamed Sketchers spokeswoman Kim Kardashian.

Not only did other celebrities allow her into their exclusive Cannes-only club, but she got invited to serious celebrity galas like Wednesday’s amfAR Cinema Against Aids Gala 2012 co-chaired by Alec Baldwin. I would think a man with Alec Baldwin’s celebrity street cred and piercing blue eyes would be a little more discriminating when looking over his guest list.

But nevertheless Kimmy K showed up in the red carpet photos next to actual talented celebrities like Julianna Margulies, Adrien Brody and Joely Richardson. Names that might not sell magazine covers, but people who can actually sell their talent.

And this invitation isn’t an anomaly. Wherever there are celebs, there are Kardashians. And I just don’t get it. After Jon Hamm called her stupid, I thought she would be done, finished, gone and over. But she just keeps showing up.

Everyone blames the general American public for her continued success. And yes, we are to blame by continually writing about her. But maybe the actual A-List is to blame as well. Every time the average American sees her on the same red carpet as a legitmate celebrity, they get confused and think maybe she belongs there. We all know she doesn’t.

So perhaps it’s time for celebrities to take a stand and stop inviting her to exclusive celebrity parties. Anna Wintour took the first step for all celebrities by allegedely banning her from the super prestigious Met Ball. What celeb will be brave enough to take the next step?

I’m looking at you, Alec Baldwin.

You’re a man of incredible power. Your eye contact alone can scare 90% of human beings. So do the right thing and take her off your guest list next year.