I Don’t Feel Sorry For You: Ben Affleck That You’re Trying On Poverty As A Sport

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Ben Affleck is raising awareness about poverty by being poor for a few days. He’s joining the Live Below The Line challenge where you can spend no more than $1.50 on food and drink each day from April 29-May 3.

Oh fun! A poverty game! Ben, this is going to be totally fun and you’re totally going to win and all those other bitches are going to be totally jealous of how you spend your $7.50 for the week!!

Sorry, I just turned it into a scene from The Hills. I'm sorry, it’s just that this smacks of… I don’t know. Eye-rolling. I don’t really see how your eating rice for a week helps poverty? I mean, Anne Hathaway did it for Les Miserables and I don’t see any country being promoted from third world to second world because of it.

I guess you're trying to raise awareness? Are there people out there not aware that people are really effing poor in this world? Are they going to learn about it for the first time by noticing that Ben Affleck didn't order his usual cobb salad hold the avocado at Spago? I sure hope not.

Bottom line, I'm not going to feel sorry for you, Ben, that you decided to live on $1.50 of food a day to raise awareness for poverty. What's next? Raising awareness for refugees by sleeping in a tent in your backyard for a week? Or perhaps taking a stand for women's issues by treating yourself to a Brazilian? This just feels slightly off the mark for me.

Also thanks for the invitation to join!







But I think I'm gonna pass. It’s just that I sort of play the whole “how will I make ends meet” game on a long term basis, so I’m not sure the week long poorness thing is going to be my speed.

But you should totally do it and once it’s done really enjoy that you now know first hand what it feels like to be poor. Because what really sucks is not having gourmet meals. Forget the general panic of not knowing when you’re going to get any income and living in uninhabitable conditions. It’s giving up swiss chard that really brings people down.

I’m being hard on you, Ben. You’re treating poverty as a sport, and while that makes me cringe a little bit, I know it’s coming from a good place.

So I have some words of advice for this challenge of yours. Now, please don't read any personal experience into the stuff I'm about to say. I’m just putting words down here and if they happen to form a sentence that somehow suggests that I’ve used these tricks in the past, so sue me. Here they are:

  • Ketchup or tomato soup? You be the judge.
  • Grated parmesan cheese? More like right up my alley to eat with a spoon cheese.
  • There’s a game I've heard of called “Let someone else order the pizza and you eat their crusts.” This is also helpful when you’re cutting back on carbs because anything foraged from another’s dish shouldn’t count against your $1.50 or your Atkins Diet.

Actually, the rules are pretty strict. You can’t take donations from anyone and if you eat food you already had, you have to count that into the cost. So I think the true challenge here is the fact that Benny’s gonna have to cook for an entire week.

I can't help you there. All I know about cooking is that you shouldn't expect the end product to look anything like the picture, but if it does, you're legally obligated to Instagram a pic of it immediately. Don't worry, Instagram is a free download.

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