Videos: Jimmy Fallon And David Letterman Do Shows Without Audiences Thanks To Hurricane Sandy

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Hurricane Sandy no studio audience empty videos

As you can see, Crushable is still up and running despite Hurricane Sandy—as long as we've got power, we'll keep posting. You know who else had to work last night? Late-night talk show hosts.

We heard that David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon sent their studio audiences home with firm commands to stay safe… but what about the hosts themselves? Gothamist caught on to the fact that they went ahead and recorded their episodes as planned! For his cold open, Jimmy took the camera crew through the mostly-abandoned Rockefeller Center studio. Amazingly, they got all the guests they were expecting: Seth Meyers, Padma Lakshmi, and Robert Zemeckis. “You are the audience,” he says into the camera. “Imagine the laughter, imagine the fun.”

Of course, then we get to watch Jimmy do his opening monologue to an empty room, and laugh ruefully about which jokes fall flat. Still, everyone rallies to make it work. And his John Travolta impression from Grease isn't half bad.

A skit I really liked was the Mets Guy—the one man who came to the show, because he thought he was getting secret messages from Jimmy to be the sole audience member. I thought Jimmy hit the right balance of staying upbeat during this horrible night, without actually mocking the hurricane or the people affected by it.

On the more straightforward side of things uptown, Dave laughed his way through a much shorter opening monologue, going over the jokes he would've made.

Photo: NBC