The Battleship Movie Should Be A Hungry Hungry Hippos Crossover Like In This Hilarious Fake Poster

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Hungry Hungry Hippos fake movie poster Battleship

I'm really worried about Battleship losing all credibility since the first few trailers allude to the fact that it's aliens who are masterminding this sea battle between aircraft carriers and all the other models in the respective fleets. Or maybe it's aliens coming out of the water to kill Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, and Rihanna? I really can't tell. The writers could have gone the conspiracy theory/higher power angle that Cabin in the Woods did, but no, they had to basically do Transformers At Sea.

That's why I love this fake Hungry Hungry Hippos poster that's been making the rounds on Facebook. It's a pretty good Photoshop job of this international Battleship poster, and presents a much more believable villain than aliens we don't care about. Really, if they're making Ouija into a horror thriller and Candy Land into a family-friendly adventure starring Adam Sandler, then the studios can afford to look more closely at Hungry Hungry Hippos. That's the only childhood board game I remember really having stakes, anyway.

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