This Is The Best Hunger Games Parody Trailer We’ve Seen

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Since the Hunger Games trailer first debuted a few months ago, fans have posted reenactments and parodies to YouTube. However, none of them have stood out like this one by Evil Iguana Productions—and it turns out it's been online for a month! We're glad we stumbled upon it thanks to The Mary Sue, because this shit is hilarious.

What makes an especially nuanced spoof is one that plays off the actual details from the original work. Evil Iguana Productions have obviously read the books and watched the trailer over and over, because they recreate the settings on a small budget but don't skimp on Effie's costume and the Arena chase scenes. These were my favorite parts: [tagbox tag=”Hunger Games”]

  • Gale's “research” walking Man vs. Wild
  • Katniss and Gale doing the “you throw, I shoot” bit with the bird and the arrow… because that was a random part of the actual trailer
  • Katniss taking bets on how Prim will die
  • Peeta bitching about how the odds are stacked against him
  • The Katniss girl's spot-on imitation of Jennifer Lawrence
  • President Snow's monologue
  • The guy who recreated Seneca Crane's manicured beard!
  • Peeta practicing his camouflage skills