The Best Of The #ReplaceSongTitleWithHungerGames Character Twitter Trend

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Ever since I saw The Hunger Games, I can't stop thinking about it. To the point that every time I hear a song play on the radio, I replace a word from the title with a Hunger Games character. Or I did that once and it was right after I heard the song, “I'm Peeta and I Know It.”

But still, I knew exactly where the Twitter trend #ReplaceSongTitleWithHungerGameCharacter was coming from. The part of your heart that wants to go back and relive the excitement of seeing it on the big screen again for the first time. I get chills just thinking about it. Mostly because the theater I saw it in was cold, but partially because I was just so excited to finally see it.

That's why I loved this Twitter trend. It's so fun and so musical and just so Hunger Games. See all my favorites in the gallery.