Let’s Give All The Candy Canes To Whoever Thought Up This Hunger Games/Mean Girls Mash-Up Tumblr

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The Hunger Games Mean Girls of Panem Tumblr meme "Effie Trinket's hair is full of secrets"

Someday, the aliens will excavate forgotten human culture and determine that, strangely, we used Disney princesses and Mean Girls quotes — sometimes together — to communicate. Every week or so there's a new take on the Disney princesses, whether they're Sith lords or obese versions of themselves. Similarly, you see Tina Fey‘s brilliant Mean Girls dialogue pasted over photos and .gifs of movies that didn't even exist when it came out!

And yet, this The Hunger Games/Mean Girls Tumblr Mean Girls of Panem is still dear to my heart, perhaps because I'm a huge fan of both. First off, kudos to TheFandom.net for directing me over to this wonderful pocket of the internet. The blog is only a few days old, but already whoever runs it has matched up quotes to scenes from the Capitol, the Arena, and even District 12. Effie, Haymitch, and even Caesar Flickerman have all become the mouthpieces for the Plastics' calculated, bitchy attacks.

The meme works best on the extended conversations from the movie:

The Hunger Games Mean Girls of Panem Tumblr meme "Peeta you look sexy with your hair pushed back"

But I think we all know the truth: Glimmer is the ultimate mean girl in this movie. And a hive of tracker jackers to the face is a lot worse than getting hit by a school bus. So quit your bitching, Regina George.

The Hunger Games Mean Girls of Panem Tumblr meme "Glimmer is flawless"