Video: Hugh Jackman’s WWE Stunt Left Wrestler Dolph Ziggler With A Broken Jaw

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Who would you rather have do a random cameo on WWE Raw—Snooki for no good reason except that she's tiny, or Hugh Jackman doing obvious promotion for Real Steel? The correct answer is Hugh, because he managed to crack jokes and crack jaws when he sneaked into the ring and slugged Dolph Ziggler.

Sure, it's clearly a promotion for Hugh's new movie Real Steel, and his bit was most likely staged. But then again,Dolph did tweet the other day that he sustained a hairline mandibular fracture. So, we've learned this: Not everything goes according to plan, even when the producers map out the script of a wrestling match. But Dolph has a new mouthguard, and everything seems to be cool.

We were going to say that Hugh should make it up to Dolph with a cameo in the movie, but since it's just a few weeks from release, it's too late for that. But you know who from the wrestling community will be appearing in the flick? Rima Fakih, a former Miss USA who crowned the winner of a WWE Raw fight in 2010 and even competed herself on WWE Tough Enough.