Just Hugh Jackman and Shaq Stuffed Into Phone Booths Answering Trivia Questions

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Tonight Show Phone Booth

Sometimes I think The Tonight Show comes up with its sketches and games by just smashing random keys on a keyboard and seeing what comes out of it. No matter the case, I'd much rather they come up with things like last night's “Phone Booth” than literally any incarnation of “Ew!” The trivia game was played by Hugh Jackman and Shaquille O'Neal, and I have to say I was definitely amused. Not as amused as I was by that game with the puppies that Salma Hayek played, but pretty close. If the puppies had been in the phone booths, I would have really been sold.

The concept of the game is that Hugh and Shaq are standing in phone booths answering trivia questions, which Jimmy Fallon of course asks them via telephone. If they get a question right, their opponent gets another person added to their phone booth. If they get a question wrong, another person is added to their own phone booth. This has the potential for hilarity on its own, but when Shaq is one of the players, it's even goofier. As you probably know, Shaq is a very large human. Before he even has anyone added to his booth, he's too big for it.

I can't decide if the game was rigged or if it just happened to turn out this way, but Shaq ends up being the one with the most company added to his phone booth. Hugh spends most of the time with a guy from the Blue Man Group. That seems a little unfair, since the additional people in your phone booth can help you answer your question, and the Blue Man doesn't say a word. But Hugh manages to make it work. It's such a shame that Alex Trebek couldn't help Shaq name all the Spice Girls. Maybe if the question had been about Turd Ferguson