Hugh Jackman And Jim Carrey Are Impersonating Each Other On Social Media, And It’s Delightful

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Hugh Jackman And Jim Carrey Are Impersonating Each Other On Social Media  And It s Delightful Jim Carrey typing gif


You know what I love? Well, the correct answer to that could be a lot of things, from potato chips to pumpkin-scented candles to Bad Lip Reading videos. But right now the correct answer is celebrities interacting with each other over social media. Especially when the celebrities who are doing the interacting are people I never expected would interact with each other in the first place. The latest example is Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey’s recent exchange on Instagram and Twitter. It involves silly impersonations.

As you may know, something else that I love in addition to celebrities interacting on social media is celebrities impersonating each other. Hugh and Jim’s impressions are a little different from the vocal mimicking I’m typically most entertained by, but that doesn’t mean they’re not delightful.

It all started earlier this week when Hugh posted a video on Instagram (watch here) lip syncing to Jim’s line “Smokin’!” from The Mask, using the app Dubsmash. This isn’t the first time Hugh has used Dubsmash to be adorable and melt our hearts. Last week he lip synced to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

That seemed delightful enough, but it wasn’t over. Jim saw the video and decided to reply to Hugh with an impersonation of his own. He didn’t use Dubsmash, but he did attach a bunch of utensils to his hand, style his hair like Wolverine (also kind of a double Ace Ventura, if only he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt) and post a photo of himself on Twitter last night.

Can this please be an ongoing thing between them? It would make the rest of this summer (or, as I like to call it, the waiting period before fall) so much more enjoyable. Hugh can be Ace Ventura and Jim can be Jean Valjean, and then Hugh can be the Grinch and Jim can be Van Helsing. Videos, pictures, whatever they want. Just entertain me!