Hugh Jackman Is the Master of the Surprise Cameo

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When you think of Hugh Jackman, it's usually in a big way: He's a presence on the silver screen, playing growly fighters like Wolverine and dreamy rebels like in Australia. And even though he's starring in Real Steel this fall, what's most caught our attention are the brief, unexpected cameos he's made in two recent movies.

I feel like enough time has passed for me to spoil this within the post — Jackman's appearance in X-Men: First Class was one of the best moments in the movie. For some reason, because they didn't feature him in any of the promotions, I figured that he just wasn't part of that project — especially since the prequel is set in the 1960s. Even when my boyfriend told me that Wolverine's been around since the Civil War, I figured this wasn't his movie. Fox even flatly denied Jackman's involvement in 2010.

Then this happened:

Kudos to them for keeping it under wraps as long as they did. Most of the reviewers, myself included, also kept mum because we knew what a fun bit it was and didn't want to ruin it. If Wolverine hadn't appeared in First Class, the movie would have felt off, or incomplete since it hadn't utilized all of the existing mutants of the time. Plus, his “Go fuck yourself” was the perfect complement to the upbeat “let's recruit mutants!” montage.

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