Watching Hugh Jackman Do Spit Takes Over Sexual Innuendo Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

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Hugh Jackman innuendo bingo May 2014

Everyone gather 'round and join me in being amazed by the fact that with every adorable thing Hugh Jackman does, he manages to become even more adorable than the last time he did an adorable thing. He truly has a knack for it, and nothing proves it more than this video of him on BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills show, during which he played a fun game of “Innuendo Bingo.” Laughter and spit takes ensued.

The concept of the game is that two people sitting across from each other take a drink of water, hold it in their mouths, listen to an audio clip of a double entendre, and try not to spit all over the other person. This time Kylie Minogue took over as the guest host for the game, because if you're going to watch a cute Australian do spit takes over sexual innuendo, it might as well be hosted by another cute Australian. It just makes sense. Kylie can barely keep herself from laughing, which just makes the whole thing even funnier.

Lucky for us, Hugh is really bad at keeping it together during the clips, so that water doesn't stay in his mouth for very long. You know that thing where you're having such a good time and finding things so funny that just the anticipation of hearing something humorous makes you burst out laughing? Yeah, that's what happens to Hugh here. Before the funniest part of the clips play, he's already giggling. And Chris Stark, who he's up against, doesn't fare any better. Let's hope Hugh had a change of shirt with him. It should go without saying that you shouldn't watch this video while drinking something, unless you're in the mood to do a reenactment.