I Love Hugh Jackman Even More For Poking Fun At Himself In This CollegeHumor Video

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Hugh Jackman interview CollegeHumor funny headshots

It's a lot of factors that make Hugh Jackman such a beloved celebrity: His charisma and easy charm, the fact that he can carry a tune and dance (and isn't afraid to do both when hosting an institution like the Oscars), his fairly well-chosen movie roles that range from actual gritty acting to campy roles. Plus, he's easy on the eyes. (Yep, pretending those gay rumors don't exist at all. Sitting over here with my fingers in my ears. La la la.)

His sense of humor is evident in this great CollegeHumor video, where Hugh auditions for a teaching job at Harlem Village Academies. His parody of the conceited Hollywood star is great, down to “I'm starting at 101 [push-ups] because I did a bunch this morning” and the seriousness with which he insists that the X-Men movies gave him classroom experience. He hits all the bases I mentioned above here, plus throws in a Neil Patrick Harris jibe.

And the headshots. I'd like to think that was an Arrested Development reference thrown in there. Regardless, hilarious.